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Get access to high-quality content about sailing yacht design and performance calculation. From hulls, keels, rudders, sails, and rig to the whole yacht's stability and performance, from aero and hydrodynamics to design phases and project management, from oceans and waves to winds and the weather. All the subjects are treated rigorously but presented in a way easy to understand and apply. Read more ...

Lines drawing in white and black of a sailing yacht
Sailing yacht viewed from another yacht

The Community

Join a genuine community of passionate fellows about sailing and sailing yachts, and share, ask, answer, give, and get support about everything related to sailing yacht design and performance calculation. As part of the community, you can connect with fellow members, join groups, participate in forums, share pictures and documents, send messages, and invite your network to join. Read more …


Access our easy-to-use online calculation templates along with explanations and examples, which are ready to be applied by you to either existing craft or your designs. Our calculations related to hull, keel, rudder, sails, rig, and the whole yacht sailing under different conditions, will help you understand the science involved and assess different types of designs and their configurations. Read more ...

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We are creating an APP to allow amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals alike to calculate the performance of sailing yachts and create their own designs. Join us, stay up-to-date about its development, get early access, and enjoy exclusive only-for-members advantages. Read more …

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Join Navalapp and our community on a journey to make sailing yacht design and performance accessible to everybody, and enjoy our high-quality content all along the voyage.