Gift Cards

How do Gift Cards work?

Navalapp - Gift Card email
Navalapp - Gift Card email
Navalapp - Gift Card email

Gift Cards can be used to buy Courses and Merch and are valid for one year (365 days) after the date of purchase. You don’t need a Navalap account to buy and send Gift Cards.

They are sent by email to the beneficiary or beneficiaries either at the moment of purchase or at any future date you choose.

Choose an amount, enter the beneficiary email/s, your name, or the name of your company or educational organization, and optionally add a message.

When the Gift Card is sent, the beneficiary will receive an email with your name, message, amount, and a gift code to be used at checkout on Courses and Merch.

Beneficiaries who already have or will open a Navalapp account can store their Gift Cards in their accounts to follow their activity and pay for orders using their account balance.

Gift Cards do not allow for adjustments on prior purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent.