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Sailing Yacht Design 1

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  1. Introduction

    The course
  2. Meet the instructors
  3. Design process and design spiral
  4. Properties of the sailing yacht
    Introduction to the first part of the course
  5. Velocity
    1 Quiz
  6. Stability
    1 Quiz
  7. Ability to sail close-hauled
    1 Quiz
  8. Maneuverability
    1 Quiz
  9. Seaworthiness: movements
    1 Quiz
  10. Seaworthiness: movements 2
  11. Seakeeping: added resistance in waves
    1 Quiz
  12. Seaworthiness: rolling motion in waves
    1 Quiz
  13. Elements of the sailing yacht
    1 Quiz
  14. Sails & Rig (Sloop)
    1 Quiz
  15. Centre of efforts of sails (CE)
  16. Appendages: keel and rudder
    1 Quiz
  17. Centre of lateral resistance (CLR)
  18. Keel positioning
  19. Lead
    1 Quiz
  20. Hull design
    Setting the hull parameters
  21. Understanding control points
  22. Hull Design Process I
  23. Hull Design Process II
  24. Hull Design Process III
  25. Setting the hull parameters revisited
  26. Appendage design
    Setting the appendages parameters
  27. Appendages Design Process I
  28. Appendages Design Process II
  29. Appendages Design Process III
  30. Appendages Design Process IV
  31. Rig design
    Rig design
  32. Mast positioning
  33. Hull resistance calculations
    Systematic series
    1 Quiz
  34. Resistance computations
  35. Stability calculations
    Stability software
  36. Center of gravity height estimation
  37. Stability computations
  38. Sail forces
    Sail forces calculation
  39. VPP
  40. Final Quizzes
    Entry Level Quiz
    1 Quiz
  41. Intermediate Level Quiz
    1 Quiz
  42. Course Assignment
  43. Optional assignments
    Optional: hull design
  44. Optional: appendage design
  45. Optional: Delft Series
  46. Optional: NACA airfoils
  47. Materials
    Course materials
  48. Additional & Advanced materials
  49. Course Survey
    Course evaluation survey
    1 Quiz
  50. Summary


Welcome to this introductory course to Sailing Yacht Design!

We are Pablo Merino and Javier Calderón. We are both Naval Architects, and we are currently teaching several courses related to ship dynamics, stability, fast craft, and sailing yacht design at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

We are very pleased to be your instructors for the course, and we hope you will find it useful and interesting in your journey to becoming a proficient sailing yacht designer.

The course is structured into different modules that will cover the main aspects of the design spiral for such kind of vessel. These include the theoretical fundamentals of sailing, aspects related to yacht modeling, hull and appendage resistance, sail forces calculation, and stability issues. All these subjects will be jointly considered in a section specifically devoted to the velocity prediction programs that are a standard in professional yacht design.

If you are willing to deepen your understanding of sailing yachts, this course is for you. We are looking forward to seeing you aboard!

Pablo and Javier