Sail Design 1 + Aerodynamics for Yacht & Sail Designers

Enroll simultaneously in the Sail Design 1 and Aerodynamics for Yacht & Sail Designers courses and learn the different aspects to be considered when designing a new sail and the fundamentals of fluid mechanics that govern how sails (and foils) work.

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a collection of courses we have wrapped up for you based on criteria such as complementarity, reinforcement, and/or enlargement of the subjects covered in each one.

Bundles also allow for the development of different learning paths by bringing together courses relevant to an area of knowledge related to Yacht Design. With bundles, we can guide our Students in their journey better.

They also enable us to offer the courses at a discount. Instead of enrolling sequentially in different courses, Students can now become students of several simultaneously and benefit from a price reduction.

What is included in this bundle?

This bundle gives you access to the following courses:

The course Sail Desing 1 aims to give a good insight into the various aspects of sail design and manufacturing to get a clearer picture of what’s behind the finished sails and all the work put into them. It will introduce you to the different aspects a sail designer must consider when designing a new sail, and is structured into several modules, each covering different aspects of sail design: rig, geometry, materials, aerodynamics, design phases, manufacturing, and sails inventories. You can learn more about this course by visiting the course’s page.

Building from the fundamentals up to airfoil and wing analysis and finalizing by applying some of the concepts seen to the study of sails, the course “Aerodynamics for Yacht & Sail Designers” will guide you through the fluid mechanic principles that have profoundly transformed how we understand the physics of sailing and enabled for rapid innovations in sailing and sailing craft (sails, wingsails, foils, winglets, …). You can learn more about this course by visiting the course’s page.


The courses are video-based and on-demand and can be followed at your own pace. The courses in the bundle are independent: they can be done in parallel or sequentially. You can start any of them regardless of whether you have completed the other. You can organize your learning to match your preferencesbackground, and availability.

Each course contains videosquizzes, and downloadable documents and gives you access to the course’s virtual private classroom, where you can interact with the instructor and fellow students. Students completing a course will obtain the corresponding course Certificate. Each course issues its own Certificate.

RINA Endorsement

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects Endorsement

After a thorough evaluation, the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) has found that Navalapp’s courses Sail Design 1 and Aerodynamics for Yacht & Sail Designers meet the requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of the Institution. Therefore, RINA has considered that the courses warrant their recognition and has issued a Certificate of Endorsement.

During the evaluation, RINA studied different aspects of the courses, such as learning aims, content and structure, whether the information is up-to-date and is factually correct, students’ evaluations of the course, the supporting information and materials, the instructors’ expertise, the method by which the students are evaluated, and Navalapp’s organization standards.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the courses!

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This bundle includes the following courses:

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