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Composite Materials 1

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  1. Introduction

    The Course
  2. Meet the Instructor
  3. Teaser
  4. Composite Material
    Definition. Composite Reinforcement form and type of Matrix. Classification of Matrix
    1 Quiz
  5. Polymer Matrix Composite
    Advantages, disadvantages, and classification
  6. Thermoset Polymers
    Definition and classification of thermosets
    1 Quiz
  7. Molecular Configuration
    Molecular Configuration of Composite Materials
    1 Quiz
  8. Fillers or type of reinforcements
    Fillers or type of reinforcements
    1 Quiz
  9. Role of the Fiber and Matrix in a Composite Material
    Role of the Fiber and Matrix in a Composite Material
    1 Quiz
  10. Isotropic, Anisotropic and Orthotropic Materials
    Definition and comparison with other metal alloys
    1 Quiz
  11. Composite materials used in different industries
    Advantages, and in which industries can we apply them?
    1 Quiz
  12. Materials used in the Naval Industry
    Carbon Fiber, Kevlar (aramid), and Fibreglass
    1 Quiz
  13. Fiber Orientation in Fiber Reinforced Composites (type of fabrics)
    Unidirectional, Twill, Plain, Woven Roving, CSM (chopped fibers), Biaxial, and Multiaxial
    1 Quiz
  14. Resins
    Epoxy, Vynilester, and Polyester
    1 Quiz
  15. Material Selection
    Factors to be considered in the material selection
    1 Quiz
  16. Manufacturing Methods
    Manual (hand-layup) combined with vacuum bagging process
    1 Quiz
  17. Pre-preg Lamination
    1 Quiz
  18. RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
    1 Quiz
  19. Infusion
    1 Quiz
  20. Autoclave Moulding, Filament Winding, and RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding)
    1 Quiz
  21. Spray-up, Compression Mould, and Pultrusion
    1 Quiz
  22. Factors to be considered in the Manufacturing Process Selection
    Surface finish, final mechanical properties, and level of production
    1 Quiz
  23. Factors to be considered in the Design Process
    Weight / Resin Ratio (different types of fibers and their fiber/resin ratio values), Fiber Orientation setting, and Young’s Modulus of Elasticity in composites
    1 Quiz
  24. Critical Variables during the process
    Characteristics, material control, and process control
    1 Quiz
  25. Polymer Molding and Curing Cycle
    Viscosity and Modulus Evolution during a Polymer Molding Cycle. Flow and Cure Cycle. Conversion vs. Temperature Phase Diagram for the Curing of Thermoset
    1 Quiz
  26. Temperature vs. time transformation diagram (TTT) & Stress vs. Strain Graph
    Glass transition temperature. Stress vs Strain graph explanation
    1 Quiz
  27. Solid Laminate
    Definition, characteristics, properties, benefits, and structure – main components
    1 Quiz
  28. Laminated Sandwich Panel
    Definition, characteristics, properties, benefits, structure – main components, and graphical structural comparison
    1 Quiz
  29. Combined Laminate or “Composite System Strength”
    Analysis, advantages and disadvantages of combined materials. Ultimate Strength vs Young’s Modulus depending on plies orientation
    1 Quiz
  30. Points of Failure in a Laminate Composite Material
    Classification of possible failures, composite inspection methods, and visual inspection defects
    1 Quiz
  31. Composite Material Data Sheets
    Guidance: real Interpretation and how to read it accurately
  32. Classical Laminated Plate Theory
    Definition and explanation
  33. In-plane Engineering Constants for the Laminates
    Nomenclature, and orientation of the laminate
    1 Quiz
  34. Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Laminates
    1 Quiz
  35. Introduction into the basic calculations for a Composite Laminated Plate
    Building the spreadsheet - Part 1
  36. Building the spreadsheet - Part 2
  37. Building the spreadsheet - Part 3
  38. Building the spreadsheet - Part 4
  39. Single Ply
  40. Multiple Plies
  41. Final Results Analysis
  42. Final Assignment
    Final Assignment
  43. Course Materials
    Introduction to the Course Materials
  44. Course Materials
  45. Recommended bibliography
  46. Course Survey
    Course evaluation survey
    1 Quiz
  47. Summary
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Meet the Instructor

Hi all!

Welcome to the first introductory course of composite materials provided by Navalapp.

My name is German Pacheco, and I will be in charge of giving you all the knowledge related to this peculiar and so fascinating material.

But first, I would like to introduce myself so you can get to know me a bit more.

I’m a Naval architect from Argentina with more than 15 years of experience in the composite field. I’m currently working in Australia as a senior design engineer for a growing drone’s development company, where I’m in charge of the design and building procedures for the different VTOL aircrafts, all made in composite materials, from the external shape to the internal structure.

I started to learn how to work with these materials in the really early age. I managed the construction of several boats from 30 to 100ft overall length. Even though my expertise is largely in the naval field, I have also worked on several projects developing and producing parts for different industries, such as the agro and aerospace.

For those interested, this course will be divided into modules or stages where the participants will be provided with all the principles and theory that involve the composite materials, understand what they are, their components, and what they can be used for. We will run through the different manufacturing processes and materials, while I will share my own experience as a boat builder as well as a composite designer.

If you want to start to be part of this world and learn about these materials and how to use them, this course is for you!

It will be a pleasure to share my knowledge.

I look forward to having you all on board!